The Sound of D.Ni.L


Do You Know Who I Am? - released 1st January 2019

"Consistently compelling to listen to, D.Ni.L has once again made this a journey worth taking and a seriously unique experience all-around....I don’t think I’ve heard an artist crack the bat this hard on back-to-back releases in a long, long time." - Jer@SleepingBag Studios

Boy.Inside - released May 2018

 "D.Ni.L can lay claim to have made one of the best British rock fusion albums in recent years. The combination of raw, edgy emotional lyrical expression with precise control and understanding of his chosen forms of music make for a potent meld. And when you add his talent as an Emcee into the mix you realize this is a versatile and highly gifted artist bringing rock/metal and hip hop into the 21st century"  - Faulkner Review

Suicide.In.Sips - released November 2017

This In't A Party - released May 2017


Music Tells A Story

I'm D.Ni.L; a 35 year old addict from York. I've been in recovery now for 30 months and in that time I have written and released five albums. I am a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer and I also make my own music videos. The themes that run throughout all of my tracks are addiction, recovery, relationships with drugs and with people,  particularly my relationship with alcohol. I rarely perform live as I would need a band behind me to do the tracks justice. I have performed some sets of material, but I am really a studio artist as D.Ni.L. My influences are pretty wide in terms of genre, with my main sources of inspiration being Deftones, Slint, Nirvana and early Manic Street Preachers. I work at Tang Hall SMART, delivering music provisions to people who would otherwise be marginalised by society. I was in that category of people, as a homeless, unemployed addict with mental health issues. I tell of my experiences in addiction and afterwards and the process is therapeutic for me. I love music, I always have,  but I had lost my way, and now I'm brimming full of ideas, inspiration and energy so I'm prolifically writing material and releasing it thanks to Sue at Tang Hall SMART and our Musication record label. - D.Ni.L 



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