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The last year

This is a summary of the last year of D.Ni.L's journey, from April 2017-April 2018, and is from the viewpoint of Sue Egypt from Wasabi Fire Alarm (D.Ni.L plays guitar/keys - does backing vocals - and is the producer for the group) . After this account - all blog entries will be by Nil.

Introducing D.Ni.L (or Nil)

April 2017 - This was the beginning of the longest period of being sober that Nil has had for a long time! I had been around during the making of This In't A Party, a period of several months whereby Nil was caught in a devastating cycle of 6 weeks or so of furious creativity followed by relapse and then being derailed by 3-4 week periods of equally furious drinking ....but we hadn't given up because the potential and talent was so massively obvious - and also, Nil is just so damn nice! This In't A Party was completed and mastered during April. The artwork for this was all done by Krst Usd Kaye, a friend of Nil's who had also struggled with addiction and homelessness, and we were amazed at the passion and creativity he poured into the art, and not just the cover, but he also illustrated every one of the lyrics! The booklet for This In't A Party is a piece of art, a kind of cross between Doctor Seuss and Salvador Dali!

May 2017 - The first album was released, and Nil performed his first ever gig as a solo artist! Nil does not like gigging so much and he really had to put himself out of his comfort zone for this one, but it was such a moving experience, with those raw and heartfelt lyrics hitting the audience hard. I saw some of Nil's friends who had known him since his school-days and during the times he was at his worst, looking very moved by what they heard.

May-June 2017 - Reviews came thick and fast .... here are some from: Above Average Hip Hop

Hip Hop Bodega, and Purple Bars. The video-single Suckle was released, and has so far gained over 100K views! Then a second single Me was released which also did well. BBC introducing played another single off the album, Hype, and Nil and myself were invited onto BBC Radio York for a chat about his journey of recovery and his music.

July-October 2017 - Nil performed a set at the FEVA festival, but his main focus throughout this time was composing and recording material for Suicide in Sips. This was released in November 2017 and is quite different from This In't A Party. The guitar is more prominent, and Nil's alternative rock/experimental side comes out more, plus we get to hear him really sing!

November 2017 -The video of New Bruise was released, and Nil headlined at York Barbican showcasing some of the material from the album. Jericho Keys on BBC Introducing played this track several times on his show, and again, the track was featured in a York Mix article and received well by reviewers.

December 2017-April 2018 - Nil has worked on the third album The Boy Inside, which is definitely his best yet! It is now being mastered in readiness for the May release date! Watch out for Glue, the video single coming out late April. Nil is working on the fourth album and hopes for a November release.

Personally, this last year has been an astonishing time - I have never in my life seen anyone create/compose/produce at such a staggeringly huge volume with such high quality. If you had come across Nil during his first album, you might be mistaken for thinking he was simply a rapper, (although he composed every beat on the album ... no downloads for him!) but that is not the case, he is a talented multi-instrumentalist, who can effortlessly compose in any genre, and who uses music as part of his recovery. Nil creates whole tracks that would take a 4-piece band several weeks to perfect, in just a few hours. Breathtaking .... oh, and for those of us who have the pleasure to know him personally, he is one of the most delightful, unassuming, funniest guys to be around!

This is where you can listen to Nil's previous work:

Suicide In Sips - itunes, Amazon, or as a CD from the Tang Hall SMART CIC store.

This In't A Party - Bandcamp, Amazon and itunes- or if you want a CD with its full colour lyric booklet, from the Tang Hall SMART CIC store.