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Nearly Here: Upcoming Music Video for 'Glue'

After a couple of false starts and setbacks, I've finally finished filming and editing my new music video. It's for 'Glue', which is the opening track on my upcoming album 'Boy Inside'.

It's been almost a year since I wrote this and now it's mixed and mastered I've created a sweet video that I had fun filming. I'm not one for acting in front of others, so I shot all of this myself using my GoPro, which is as low budget as it gets - absolutely free - but I've spent a fair bit of time on it and I've learned some new techniques along the way. I'm hyped up for starting my next music video now, which will probably be the title track from my new album.

I spent a about five months writing, recording and mixing 'Boy Inside', which is a long time compared to my last album, 'Suicide In Sips', which took sixty-one days! I have been more experimental with this one; the tracks are generally longer than on previous albums, and there are unusual time signatures all over it. I keep tuning my trusty guitar lower for each album and it might be time to re-invest in a seven string by the time I start my fifth! It is my strongest material to date, not including the eleven tracks I have recorded for my fourth release!

The theme of all this new material? Pretty much the same as it ever was - addiction & recovery. I'm over a year clean now and I'm still packed full of creative ideas and enthusiasm that I hope never dry up. I've had the pleasure of being part of other projects too, such as Wasabi Fire Alarm, who I play guitar, keys and backing vocals for as well as having a creative input, and Vulcan Cicada, whose EP I recorded and mixed as well as guesting on some of the tracks.

So, yeah, well busy as always, and excited to be releasing 'Glue' a week from now.