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New Music Video Release: 'Glue'

My latest music video, 'Glue', is now available to stream on YouTube. I wrote the music and lyrics last June and recently completed the music video for it. Many thanks to Komorebian for his mixing and mastering, I'm well pleased with it. It wasn't an easy task as there are multiple layers of guitars and vocals on this one. It's different to my previous stuff off my last two albums, as is the rest of the material from my forthcoming album, 'Boy. Inside'.

I'm not sure what other acts to compare this to, maybe after giving it a listen you could get back to me with your thoughts.

I'm enjoying the creativity involved in making a music video now and I will be shooting another one soon, when I decide on the track and find the time to do it. I'm self-sufficient when it comes to composing, recording, shooting and editing my music and my videos, and I do it whenever possible. I hope to be able to do the final mixing and mastering in the future as well as the artwork for my material.

'Glue' has been sent off to a few independent reviewers and publications, so I hope to be posting these soon. My new album is in the pipeline and will be released in May/June.