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Reviews of "Glue" video-single

Since Glue was released there has been a huge positive critical response - with reviews in Tuned Loud magazine, video of the week at Soundsphere , glowing praise on several music websites and blogs, and just a big 'thumbs up' all-round. This is just a sample ...

The first track from Boy.Inside is the self-explanatory Glue which fuses punchy vocals that jab the listeners jaw and slugging guitar which thumps in to the midriff resulting in the listener being invited to stop being merely a voyeur rather to have some sense of the numbing and cathartic effects of self-destructive behaviours - Emerging Indie Bands D.Ni.L has created a song that features enough textural layers and meaningful lyrics to be endlessly engaging. The reason why “Glue” can easily be listened to over and over again is that the audience will always find something new in the mix. - The Band Camp Diaries Because this WORKS. “GLUE” is ridiculously addictive – the work has clearly been put in here and the results are sonically spectacular, no doubt about it. Like…just on a lyrical-level alone, I almost want to replace anything I could possibly say here in review with the words D.Ni.L has written and just leave it at that – because they’re seriously awesome. - Sleeping Bag Studios