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D.Ni.L : New video! New album!

My third album, 'Boy.Inside', is now finished and has gone to print for a limited run of 50 CD copies and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy, so I hope some of you readers feel the same.

When I started composing for this album I was only a couple of months clean and as my recovery has progressed, so has my music. I am an addict and I always will be, meaning my addiction progresses alongside my recovery and my mind still wanders into some dark places. If you caught the first video single off this album, 'Glue', you might be expecting much of the same, but that's not the case; this album is as varied as my choice of liquor was, or my choice of other substances. Some of the tracks are unnerving, whilst some are uplifting, some desolate and others euphoric. As ever, the lyrics are all autobiographical - it's all I seem to be able to write about - and the theme is addiction and recovery. Just because I don't use drugs anymore it doesn't mean I'm fixed and to be honest I'm pleased about this. I like being myself, and I'm getting more comfortable with that as each day passes, but I'm still not well and this helps to fuel my creativity. To accompany the release of the album, I'm making another video single for the title track. I went on a few rambles with my GoPro and visited some old haunts for this video - places I practiced my active addiction at a time where there weren't so many consequences to my using. I stunted my emotional and spiritual growth and then eroded away anything I had left through my using and I feel like a little boy inside. That's one theme that I get to grips with on the album. Musically, the eleven tracks are pretty experimental and have been wonderfully mixed and mastered by Komorebian. Other than that, this is a one man show - it's all about me. Always.

I'm taking the piss out of myself, of course. But this is serious stuff and I would appreciate you listen from start to finish. The CD comes with a 16 page lyric booklet so you can sing along in your car. If you haven't got a CD player then it'll be available for download. Like I say, only 50 copies being made and I'm having two of them, paid for of course. The money will go back into the record label so myself and other artists can make stuff happen at Tang Hall SMART.

Thanks for reading and feel free to get in touch. If you haven't got any of my earlier stuff then why not?! Gimme a shout and I could sort you with a signed CD - there are a few left of my first and second albums. Cheers. - D.Ni.L