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Do You Know Who I Am!?!

I've finally finished my fourth album! It's been a bit longer in the making than previous releases as I've been mixing and mastering this one myself. Thankfully I've still had Komorebian teaching me some invaluable stuff to bring my tracks to life and make them meaty, and I do like meat. The themes are the same as previous releases and the tracks were written a while back, right after I finished writing 'Boy.Inside', so there's some continuity in the overall sound. So the good news is that if you liked the last album, then this one should appeal to you too. I've not had the time to make a video for any of the tracks yet due to the production and mixing duties, so there's 12 totally brand new, never before heard tracks.

As an addict in recovery I can be very self-obsessed and grandiose at times; expecting that everything should be just the way I want it to be. I'm learning that this isn't the case; it's called life. Expecting some kind of special treatment is something I think a lot of addicts will relate to and I've heard the phrase "do you know who I am?!" or words to that effect many times and often say it myself jokingly. So it makes for a fitting title, coupled with the fact that, although it's no secret who I am, I use D.Ni.L as my artist name, so unless you know me in real life, then you may well not know who I am. And just to add further mystery, I'm wearing a panda mask. So I feel justified threefold in calling the album "Do You Know Who I Am?".

There's less rapping on this album and even less swearing than previous material, so this one is good to play in front of your kids, in the car with the windows down, or wherever really. As always, there will be a limited run of CDs available, complete with a lyric booklet and some images that relate to the content which I shot on my phone. This is a proper D.I.Y album; even more so than previous ones, but I'm proud of it and looking forward to getting some feedback from listeners.

Thank you to Tang Hall SMART CIC and the Musication record label for helping me to realise my dreams of expressing myself through music and a special thank you to Sue for making it all happen. I can now get back to writing the next album.