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D.Ni.L - V - New Album

It's been almost a year in the making - but 'V', my latest album, is released on the 1st December. There'll be a promo video for the album coming out in the next week or so to give you a taster. It's my heaviest album yet, both musically and lyrically. What's it about? Addiction and recovery, anger and frustration, serenity and acceptance. It's dark and angry in places, euphoric in others. The CD is going to be limited to 100 copies and comes in a gatefold, record-style packaging. There will be a music video for one of the tracks - 'Painted'. For anyone who has followed my music or bought my previous albums, you won't be disappointed. For those of you who like the more experimental stuff, there's plenty of that going on too. I wrote my first track in a 17/16 time signature! I think my idea of what uplifting and euphoric music sounds like might be different to the general public, but if you're into heavy and melodic, aggressive but uplifting music, then this won't disappoint. Why the ventriloquist dummy? That's David. I dressed him in baby clothes. He represents the dark side of me and my addiction. I've been in recovery for over two and a half years now but I will always be an addict. David is a reminder of this and he features heavily on the artwork of 'V' and will also be starring in the video for 'Painted'.